Saturday, October 5, 2019



We have the ability to create a unique experience for students by not only sequencing the physical poses, but also sequencing pranayama, mudras, mantras, myths, music and astrology into each class. These additional pieces each carry their own energetic qualities, and stories that have inspired them. Yoga is about so much more than the physical poses, there is a special way to begin to incorporate the vastness of the practice and create an experience that travels deeper into the body, mind and soul. In this workshop we will review a unique way of sequencing the physical asanas along with how to intentionally incorporate the many other aspects of yoga, from the things you say to how you cue and the music that is played each thing that happens within the confines of a class is well planned to create an experience vs. a class.

In this workshop you will learn 

•How to find inspiration to offer fresh, unique classes. 

•Pranayama Techniques and their intended effects on the mind and body

•Mantras, Mudras, Myths and astrology that can be easily woven into any style of yoga class to enhance the understanding of yoga.

•how to intentionally choose and sequence music so that it assists you and the student in the experience of the class. 

Come learn how to elevate the experience you can create for your students while at the same time allowing your your love for the practice to deepen.

Cost: $300

Led by: Catie Macken, Jess Ray, and Erica Bornstein


Part 2

Sunday, October 6, 2019



Align means to give support, and as teachers of yoga and we have the gift of offering our students energetic and physical support. When the body is physically and energetically aligned it has the capacity to communicate within. In this one day workshop you will learn the most safe and supportive ways to physically align the body through verbal cues as well as adjustments that will energetically support and align students. This is a wonderful opportunity to build confidence in your hands, precision in your words and learn new ways to Physically Guide Alignment. 

In this workshop you will learn

  • Learn how to touch in a compassionate and safe way

  • Learn physical assists for seated poses, back bends, twists, standing poses and Savasana

  • Learn energetic cues and assists

  • Explore cueing with clarity

  • Refine your assists by receiving first-hand feedback as you partner up for every pose

  • Learn how to offer VERBAL physical and energetic assists to support students who prefer not to be touched.

Whether you are a brand new teacher or have been at it for years, you will leave with many new tools to incorporate into your group and private classes. This workshop is open to teachers of all styles and levels. Also open to students currently enrolled in a teacher training course.

Cost: $200

Led by: Catie Macken, Jess Ray, Erica Bornstein



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Upon first sight, this majestic bird can be ominous. Crow & her variations are a mainstay of many vinyasa classes, and are rarely broken down in-depth. This bite-sized foray into flight is an exciting & energizing opportunity to play with gravity in a safe and manageable way. We’ll prepare the body with a warming flow, full of stabilizing core-work and alignment-awareness to fire up your muscles & neurons to make new, gravity-defying connections. We’ll cover bakasana (crow), side crow & one-legged crow. Trust yourself, learn new tricks and strengthen those wings! 


FEAR OF FLYING: (It’s in Your Head & Hands) 

Do you ever look at people handstanding in the center of a crowded class and think: “are they a former Olympic gymnast”!? Perhaps you really want to try, but are caught up in fear & anxiety? Truth be told, it takes a lot of practice, patience & perseverance to build a solid handstanding practice. There are however, many subtle & potent tips that can help you along your journey. In this workshop, we’ll intelligently prepare with a strategic vinyasa flow focusing on the areas of the body that we need to lengthen and strengthen. Adho Mukha Vrksasana will be dissected & demystified and you’ll have plenty of time to play & apply your new skills. Whether or not you’re already a strong handstander, you'll walk out the door feeling more confident— holding flight in your hands. 


IT's Hip To Fly

Inverting the body is a holistic endeavor. We often think of upper body strength & core integration as being the central forces for flight, but in practice, we also need serious mobility through the hips, hip flexors and hamstrings. To negotiate with the likes of galavasana, koundinyasana, tittibasana, and maksikanagasana (dragonfly) we must first cultivate the ideal environment throughout the hips. We will flow to loosen up our hips, legs and spine allowing for a more supple strength. Next, we’ll break down some important tips & tactics for entry. The beautiful after-effect of simply attempting these shapes is the spacious new landscape of the lower body. You’ll leave feeling freer, more fluid and ready to float. 



There's some thing really special and even spiritual about a yoga sequence, when it is paired artfully with music, can make you feel as if you are dancing and gliding through your practice. In this workshop we will use yoga inspired movement in a specific and choreographed method to wake up or spirits, connect to our bodies and ignite our souls. You can expect a proper warm up of yoga blended with athletic modern dance, a series of 'across the floor' exercises, and a choreographed combination of movement to conclude the session. 
You will not need a yoga mat for this workshop, nor is any prior dance or yoga experience necessary, but a passion for movement and music is highly recommended. Think outside the mat, and see what you can discover! 

Bring a workshop to your studio/space