Erica Bornstein is a yoga and dance teacher, choreographer, and lover of all movement.


About Erica

She fell in love with yoga at a very young age when she was introduced to it as a way to stay in dancer shape, but later in life discovered it was so much more than that. As an adult, she developed a regular yoga practice, and noticed that it brought her to feel this sense of balance in her body and her mind. Other physical activity became easier, and she approached difficult situations in life with a much more open attitude. Erica found herself constantly talking to people about yoga, thinking about yoga, reading about yoga, so she decided to see what would happen if she registered for a teacher training in 2010.


Erica now is a full-time yoga teacher and could not be more thrilled to be a part of the incredible yoga community in Boston. Erica teaches an athletic vinyasa flow, with focus on basics and alignment, with some advanced options sprinkled in, and she encourages students to personalize their practice for their own needs. She teaches yoga with a sense of fun and creativity, always has a killer playlist, and her humor and playful spirit is ever present in her classes. Overall, Erica believes that yoga is an accommodating practice, accessible to all people, that requires only loving care for the body and the willingness to keep an open mind and heart. Her number one mission in life is to encourage everyone to love yoga, or at least to try it. Among her many teachers, Erica is indebted to Chanel Luck, Bonnie Argo, and Lynne Begier and is continually inspired by so many of the teachers in the local Boston yoga community who are truly amazing.