I followed Erica here when she left BSC for the Zumba classes. They are the best around and she has a well-deserved cult following. Her yoga classes are top notch as well. Scheduling online is easy, as is parking.
— Carlene M, Watertown MA

Makes me Wanna Dance!

I had gone to one of Erica's zumba classes before, and I did notice that it was less Zumba-y than other classes I had gone to. Girl has a great taste in music and does her own choreography. She made me want to keep going. And bonus, this class has some "boot camp" type moves built in - sometimes in the middle of a song you stop while Erica cues pushups or burpees.

Erica "How to Love" Bornstein

Erica is nothing close to a Mean Girl. She may have awesome hair like Regina George, but she will never, ever tell you that "fetch is NEVER going to happen." She's incredibly genuine, passionate about teaching, and just a fun-loving person. If that doesn't make you want to flap your hands and mega-squee whenever she tells you that the pose you're in "looks awesome," then you have. no. soul...

Hip Hop Yoga? Yes Please

I have been taking yoga classes for years, at various studios, from various instructors. I moved to Boston in 2008, and years trying to find a studio and instructor that I clicked with (let's face it, if you're not into the instructor or the space, you're not gonna be excited to go). It wasn't until I found Erica Bornstein's Hip Hop Yoga classes, that I stopped searching and started practicing regularly again. I have to say, and I've told this to anyone's who's ever asked me about her classes, she has the best sequencing of any instructor ever. Each class is a perfect blend of strength, balance and stretch, and each class pushes me to test my own limits. Her instruction is terrific, her cues on point, she's hilar, and I leave each class feeling like I had a terrific workout (a.k.a. sweating my ass off). Not to mention her playlists are killer; ever.single.one. Thanks, Erica! Namaste.

Erica's Energy Intensive Class

My hour class vinyasa with Erica was an hour well spent. The class had a nice structure and a strong focus. We were mentally eased in and out of the flow, which was really physically challenging that day. Namely, Erica snuck in a lot core-intensive poses throughout the practice. Her opening warm-up began with a series of poses on our forearms, she then threw in some nice side planks into a sequence, and at one point she brought us down from standing to work on our boat poses. It was a lot of work but felt great, and I ended up really appreciating all the core work...